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About the People directory

The Brandeis directory is an authoritative information source for Brandeis University faculty, staff and students. Information in the directory is generated from the phonebook maintenance utility, in combination with other systems of record. Directory information is not managed through the CMS.

How do I change my directory listing?

Students can choose to withhold their name and email from the online directory by changing their privacy settings in Workday. Once logged into Workday, students can select the Academics app on their homepage, then select Change My Privacy Settings.

Staff and faculty directory entries are maintained by department phonebook administrators through the phonebook maintenance utility.

Personal home pages and email addresses may be entered through the UNet Mail Options page.

Alumni Relations maintains a separate directory of and for Brandeis alumni.

The Brandeis Directory is the property of Brandeis University and may be used only for purposes authorized by Brandeis University. Brandeis University does not guarantee the accuracy of this data. Please read the complete directory policy before using this data.